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Marble is generally polished, and unless sealed it is porous and easily stained. Marble is also able to be etched by acids. Marble may be stone, but it stains easily, so you need to wipe anything off that is spilled on it immediately, as you would on a wood surface. Also, avoid setting beverages glasses directly on marble, as like wood, this can leave rings. Using coasters with glasses is highly recommended. There are different types of stains that can affect your marble. Organic stains, such as tea coffee. These stains will need a poultice soaked with 20% peroxide and a few drop's of ammonia. Stains that are oil based, such as the oils from butter, lotions need attention right when the spill occurs. You can do this by spreading the surface with ordinary household corn starch. Let it stand for a few hours, Scrub with a stiff brush and hot sudsy water. Or wipe with a dampened cloth of ammonia. Rust stains from an item such as a metal lamp on the surface or metal container, you can use a commercial rust remover. . Acid stains, from citrus fruits juices and carbonated beverages need to be wiped up immediately; they can etch and dull your surface.. If stains seem to be impossible to remove, your Marble professional will be able to help remove them and bring the beauty back to your surface.So all you need to do is to call on the above mentioned numbers and we will be there to help you as soon as possible .

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